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Droplet separators

Lechler droplet separators improve process engineering processes.

The issue of droplet separation is becoming more important as the result of stringent environmental protection laws. These stipulate a drastic reduction in the residual content of pollutants downstream of gas cleaning plants. This fact makes it necessary to install powerful droplet separators that are capable of separating even ultra fine droplets smaller than 10 µm at the smallest possible pressure loss.

Based on this criteria, Lechler has developed droplet separators in close co-operation with users and research institutes. They have been in successful use for several years in the following fields:

  • Environmental engineering
  • Flue-gas desulphurisation
  • Chemical industry
  • Paper industry
  • Air conditioning and waste air extraction
  • Offshore drilling
  • Cooling towers and evaporation condensers

– in fact wherever droplets must be reliably separated from gas flows.
Each of these applications has individual requirements. As a result, droplet separators from Lechler are tailor-made.

Our project and process engineers will be glad to advise you personally on design, engineering and implementation.

Lechler droplet separators improve process engineering processes.

Droplet Separators for Horizontal and Vertical Gas Flow

Lechler high-performance separators distinguish between horizontal and vertical gas flow. Separators can also have an oblique gas flow under certain circumstances. Selection of the gas flow direction is dependent on the process and the design.
Lechler offers you the right solution for all installation situations.

Droplet Separators for Horizontal and Vertical Gas Flow
Droplet separators from Lechler are used in flue-gas desulphurisation plants, and in the chemical and paper industries. They are used as an integrated function element of cooling towers and evaporation condensers. Droplet separators can be implemented in a number of different designs and in materials such as stainless steel, plastic or aluminium. They are supplied as ready-to-install components or single vanes.

LechlerUK-Shop:/images/pfeil_rechts.png Please ask for your copy of the brochure

Cleaning nozzles to prevent contamination

Cleaning nozzles to prevent contamination
Lechler droplet separators are designed with extremely good flow characteristics. However, heavily dust-laden gas flows and unfavourable conditions may cause deposits and caking that could impair droplet separator function.

To ensure availability in continuous duty applications, we recommend the installation of a cleaning system. Experience shows that the best method is the cyclical spraying of droplet separators using full-cone nozzles. Lechler offers non-clogging full-cone nozzles made of PVDF for this purpose.

The best positions for the nozzle holder have proven to be upstream and downstream of the droplet nozzles.
Lechler cleaning nozzles increase operational reliability, avoid caking and ensure optimal plant
efficiency over prolonged periods.

Cleaning nozzles to prevent contamination