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Spray Nozzles for Electronics Manufacturing

Quality nozzles for your high precision needs

The need for nozzles in the electronics industry is high.  They can be used for rinsing, etching, cleaning, stripping, coating, and drying.  The continual miniaturization requires a level of precision that is being increased every year.

Lechler PVDF Nozzles

Lechler Inc. is continually developing new nozzle designs and materials to keep pace with the performance levels for the printed circuit board market. Lechler’s PVDF and Polypropylene nozzles established a much higher level of etching precision and chemical resistance than the cheap plastic nozzles used by some in the past.  Our precision molding construction assures a consistent uniform spray performance on every spray nozzle.

Nozzles used include flat fan, full cone, and the WHISPERBLAST®.  Quick release systems like the TwistLoc or the Easy Clip system aid in making maintenance a snap.


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Series 460/461 Full Cone Nozzles

Series 460/461 Full Cone Nozzles


  • Uniform full cone distribution with thorough atomization
  • X-Style vane for high free passage
  • Stable spray angles at low pressures

Standard Materials

  • 316SS, Brass, PVDF



  • Washing and cleaning
  • Dust suppression
  • Mist eliminator washing
  • Chemical reactors
  • Surface spraying

LechlerUS-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif  Product overview / technical data: Series 460/461 Full Cone Nozzles (PDF)



Our range of accessories can help you optimize nozzle mounting and placement to save time and ensure reliable operation

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