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Spray Nozzles for Fire Suppression for Tanks

For tanks that require cooling and/or fire extinguishing systems

Spray irrigation of tanks aims to protect tanks and other vessels against unacceptable heating during burning. Here, heating must be understood as a condition where an increase of a tank’s inner pressure and a decrease of the tank walls’ resistance will lead to bursting of the tank.  Also important is the heat-influenced breakdown of the sealing elements in detachable connections.  Water spray simultaneously extinguishes and cools the complete surface of the incendiary matter.

Lechler Nozzles

Generally full cone nozzles should be used. The correct nozzle must be determined individually for each case. However, Lechler has numerous different nozzle types and mounting options available in order to make a suitable solution for you as easy as possible.

You will find many other ideas and solutions in our technical document titled:

 LechlerUS-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif  Product overview / technical data: Cooling and fire extinguishing systems for tanks [PDF] (Brochure)

LechlerUS-Shop:/images/02_produkte/industrie/content/Fire_Suppression_Content.jpg LechlerUS-Shop:/images/03_branchen/industrie/Other/other_fire_c1.jpg

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