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Nozzles and spray applications for the Pulp and Paper Industry


Surface sizing operations are performed to provide increased surface strength, as well as to produce paper with an increased resistance to penetration by liquid solutions.  Treatment can also provide better surface characteristics and improve certain physical properties of the paper sheet.
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Headbox Cleaning

Headbox Cleaning
Various methods have been used to accomplish headbox cleaning.  Flat nozzles on a rotating disc can be used.  Strategically-placed static nozzles can also be used.  One very successful method has been to use rotating nozzles to give 360° spray coverage.
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Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning
There are many different tanks found throughout a pulp and paper mill that can utilize a rotating, tank cleaning nozzle.  Lechler has nozzles that can clean tanks from 3’ or less in diameter up to 50’ in diameter.
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