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Spray Nozzles for Shipbuilding

Functionality and reliability are of critical importance at sea. For this reason, shipbuilders only work with the best suppliers. Renowned shipyards rely on the Lechler brand when it comes to nozzles and spray systems.

The main applications are cleaning, exhaust cooling and fire protection. For the military, the range of applications extends to ABC, nuclear radiation, heat radiation protection and decontamination.

In some cases, special nozzles and systems were developed for these applications.

You will find many other ideas in our special brochure entitled

LechlerUS-Shop:/PDF/lg.gif Product overview / technical data: Spray Nozzles and Systems for the Shipbuilding Industry [PDF] (Brochure)

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NEW: Rotating Pop-Up Foam Extinguishing Nozzle

For fire protection on landing decks

The new rotating foam extinguishing nozzle has been designed and developed to meet exacting fire protection requirements for landing decks.

The industry's trend towards ships with smaller crews and unmanned platforms makes this equipment essential for maintaining the safety of these critical areas.

  • Series: 500.447.B2
  • Material: Salt water-resistant stainless steel 1.4462 (stainless steel spring 1.4310, bearing made of PTFE)
  • Flow rate: 410 l/min at 5 bar
  • Spray coverage: up to 9 m diameter
  • Recommended operating pressure: 5-8 bar
  • Integrated failsafe function

Rotierende Pop-up Schaumlöschdüse
How it works
The liquid pressure behind the nozzle allows the baffle plate to lift and releases rotational nozzle from the deck. The rotational action of the nozzles enables three spray jets to be propelled up to a height of five meters increasing the overall coverage and producing a carpet of protective foam over the deck area and any
large pieces of equipment.

If the pop-up rotor is blocked, the liquid will pass the nozzle by the permanent open slots on top side. The special slot design enables different liquid exit angles to achive the best fire fighting function.

  • Foam is sprayed instantaneously onto the landing surface and any objects placed on it
  • Nozzle assembly completely recessed and flush with the deck when not
    in use
  • Nozzle rotational drive give high throw for greater coverage
  • Quick and costeffective installed from the top of the deck
  • Failsafe function

Typical applications

  • Helicopter landing platforms on Ships (cargo, yachts, passenger, military), offshore platforms, hospitals
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Tank farms
  • Special container cleaning applications

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Blocked rotor