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Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical Industry

A dynamic market with high expectations

Global steel production will increase dramatically in the years ahead. The globalisation of the steel industry is not yet complete. Every year, new steel-making companies are being newly formed, with production plants on every continent. The trend is similar in the case of the aluminium industry and the producers of non-ferrous metals.


The metallurgical industry places stringent demands on its suppliers

Most metallurgical plant and machine builders are already organised and active globally. Process optimisations, along with new technologies, enable production capacities to be permanently increased and the product quality of the metals produced to be further improved. Nozzles and nozzle systems play an important role here in all production stages.

The following basic requirements must be met for a successful partnership:

  • Great innovative strength in order to realise new technologies.
  • High problem-solving competence for ensuring plant availability.
  • Global organisation as a guarantee of customer proximity and worldwide service.

Lechler meets these requirements in full.


Wherever you are in the world, Lechler is close by and employs over 650 people

With production facilities in Germany, England, the USA, Hungary, India and China, sales offices in France, Spain, the BENELUX countries, Sweden and Finland, and representatives in over 25 countries, Lechler has a global network of service stations.
This guarantees technical support for plant operators, a supply of spare parts and ongoing training of maintenance staff throughout the world.


Everything is in Lechler’s favour

Leadership in technology
We use advanced design and production technologies.

Process-related competence
combined with unsurpassed nozzle know-how allow us to find the optimum technical solutions.

A worldwide service network
A supply of spare parts and technically competent after-sales service are


Plant builder’s partner

The plant builder’s partner

With its innovative nozzle solutions, Lechler is always involved in the introduction of new technologies and also in the continuous further development of conventional processes.


A well-founded knowledge of the industry

As an active member of many different national and international associations (VDMA, VDEH, AIST, S.E.A.I. & S.I., ATS and EUnited) and via numerous
technical publications, Lechler has become very familiar with the subject matter.

Participation in EU research projects (RFCS) also has increasing Lechler’s technological competence as its goal.
Of course, you as our client also profit from this. Significant changes to operating conditions with regard to throughput capacity and the product quality demands of modern materials can arise over the course of the very long service lives of metallurgical machinery.

Today the production of a wide range of material qualities also demands a much
greater flexibility in the operating procedures and in maintenance. This is where existing plants often reach their limits.


Besides the construction of new plants, one alternative can be the optimisation of existing ones. The most common reasons for this are:

  • Identifying and remedying quality problems
  • Improving ease of maintenance and lowering maintenance costs
  • Increasing production by increasing the production speeds
  • Changing the product formats and the material qualities (product mix)

In most cases, the decision involves a combination of the above reasons. It is therefore important for the aims to be clearly defined.


Lechler nozzle configuration

Lechler nozzle configuration

An optimum nozzle configuration is the main prerequisite for fulfilling the production and quality specifications of all plants.

New nozzle solutions open up many different possibilities for saving costs. The optimisation of nozzle systems can also make a significant contribution towards increasing production, quality and flexibility. With the help of Lechler’s own PC-based simulation programs, we can analyse the current situation and make optimisation suggestions based on state-of-the-art nozzle technology..


Lechler system audits

Roll cooling in hot- and cold rolling mills (steel, aluminium and non-ferrous) and also secondary cooling in continuous casting machines for steel are very complex systems and form part of the complete production processes.
The full optimisation potential can often be determined only via a precise study of all the important details. Lechler system audits include an evaluation of the existing production, performance and quality data, along with a care-fully documented final report which, in addition to the collected and analysed data,
also contains suggestions for optimising your system.

Structures of Metallurgical Industry


Special nozzles and systems for every field of application



Products and series

Ancillary Lines and Other Applications

Ancillary Lines and Other Applications
Applications for coke ovens, blast furnaces, hot rolling, and others.
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Continuous Casting

Continuous Casting
The demand for improved product quality and increased productivity has focused attention on the need for more efficient systems of spray cooling during continuous casting.
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The most exacting demands placed on the surface quality of rolled steel material combined with a further reduction in the amount of energy used can only be met by using state-of-the-art descaling.
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