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Ancillary Lines and Other Applications

Coke ovens

  • Coke quenching
  • Liquor flushing in the coke oven
  • Cleaning the coke oven battery doors
  • Gas cleaning and droplet separators



Blast furnaces and sintering plants
  • Combating dust and dust deposits on conveyor belts and transfer points
  • External wall cooling
  • Gas cleaning - gas cooling
  • Gas cleaning in the slag granulation


Steel production
  • Electric furnace hood cooling
  • Electrode cooling


  • Cooling the outer skin of the converter
  • Exhaust gas cooling and conditioning
  • Dust suppression

Continuous castingmachines

  • Flushing the scale channels
  • Spraying off the slag during flame cutting
  • Roller cooling
  • Machine cooling
  • Mould spray cooling



Forging and pipe production
  • Mandrel bar and tow bar cooling and lubrication
  • Descaling forged pieces
  • Roll cooling in railway wheel manufacture

 Other applications

  • Gear lubrication
  • Pickling and flushing steel wire in pickling plants




Hot rolling

  • Settlement of oxide dusts in the stand
  • Intermediate stand cooling
  • Strip surface quenching to protect the work rolls
  • Strip spray-off and 
  • Blowing off heavy plates upstream of the leveling machine
  • Crop shears blade cooling in pendulum shears
  • Ultra fast cooling / quenching of plates and strips
  • Strip cooling in the run-out roller table
  • Rolled product cooling on the cooling bed