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Lechler Ltd
1 Fell Street, Newhall
Sheffield, S9 2TP, England
Tel: +44(0)114 249 2020
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SELECTOSPRAY® Selective Roll Cooling Systems

SELECTOSPRAY® Selective Roll Cooling Systems

Applications Diversity

Lechler are world leading spray technologists, with more than 130 years of experience in providing spray solutions to global leaders in manufacturing industries.

Lechler Ltd has unsurpassed knowledge and experience of the Roll Cooling process and associated shape control technologies; with this foundation coupled with continuous product research and development Lechler remain at the forefront of Roll Cooling technology.


With an active reference list of more than 400 Selectospray systems in the market place and more than 1000 system designs on file, the diversity of Lechler Ltd’s class leading Roll cooling systems products encompasses all application types and mill configurations in the global metals industries.


From ultra low gauge Aluminium Foil rolling, surface critical automotive sheet products and packaging strip to the most challenging “heavy Rolling applications” such as billets, slab and plate,  Lechler can provide tailor made systems that enhance mill performance, roll life and product quality.


Technical Features:


  • Selective roll cooling systems up to 6 m wide
  • minimum volume with optimum heat transfer/cooling
  • Hot edge spray technology
  • Preconditioning of work rolls (heating)
  • Manual touch-screen controlled selective cooling
  • Failsafe cooling systems for combustible fluids such as kerosene
  • Multi-fluid systems based on exit water cooling coupled with entry rolling lubrication
  • Ultra robust headers systems made from two piece forged stainless steel plates
  • Contamination tolerant valve options
  • Pulse controlled valve technology for variable flows


Application Matrix

LechlerUK-Shop:/images_UK/03_Applications/Metals/Application Matrix Selectospray 700.jpg 


Lechler Ltd strive to continuously develop and improve roll cooling technologies, working on the practical process aspects as well as the latest concepts going forward into the future such as;

  • Multistand integrated cooling for tandem mills
  • Dedicated, thermal profiling of work rolls,  
  • Low cost,  simplified  system maintainability,
  • Laminar flow valving
  • Class leading valve flow capacities 



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