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Metallurgical Industry Downloads (PDF)

Metallurgical Industry Downloads (PDF)


LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Overview: Nozzles and Systems for the Metallurgical Industry 

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif General Nozzle Catalogue (Webversion)

Secondary Cooling in Continuous Casting of Steel:

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Nozzles and Solutions for Continuous Casting of Steel - an Overview

Descaling Brochures (latest products):

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Scalemaster HP-Superior 

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Water Stop Valve for Descaling Nozzles 

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Descaling Pressure Gauge 

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Micro Scalemaster 

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Descaling: Nozzles and Technology 

Descaling Broschures (Standard products):
LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Standard Scalemaster - incl. 22°

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Mini Scalemaster

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Scalemaster HP

Roll Cooling:

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif Precision Nozzles and Systems for Roll Cooling Solutions in Rolling Mills 

LechlerDE-Shop:/images/lg.gif SELECTOSPRAY Roll Cooling Systems

Technical Reports:
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif User benefits of modern air mist nozzles and secondary cooling system technology
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Modern secondary cooling technology in continuous casting steel
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Improved secondary cooling for continuous casting
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Audits of secondary cooling systems in existing casters
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Successful execution of roll cooling strategies
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Parameters for effictive roll cooling
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Optimization of descaling nozzles in a hot strip mill
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Optimization of nozzle arrangements on descaling headers
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif More efficient hydraulic descaling header designs
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif More efficient hydraulic descaling header designs 2
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Descaling with high pressure nozzles
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Audits of existing hydro mechanical descaling system in hot rolling mills
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Flatness and profile the problems that can exist in the design of the spray actuators
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Flatness and profile the problems that can exist in the design of the spray actuators 2
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Measurement of mathematical approximation of the impact of descaling nozzles
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Important design parameters and user-friendly features of modern air mist nozzles for slab- and beam blank casters
LechlerUK-Shop:/images/lg.gif Comparison flat jet and full cone spray nozzles