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Droplet Separators - Mist Eliminators

Lechler droplet separators for horizontal gas flow Type LTH 100

The LTH 100 offers many different application and combination options. 
The plastic sinusoidal corrugated profile geometry with protruding phase separation chambers achieves high separation efficiency across a wide gas flow velocity range.

LTH 100 LTH 100 LTH 100


Lechler droplet separator for horizontal gas flow Type LTH 600

The LTH 600 type series features four profile geometries made only of stainless steel.
The number of baffle vanes increases from Type LTH 601 to Type LTH 604.
These graduations and the variable distances between the separation profiles achieve the best possible tuning to meet the specific demands of your operating requirements.


LTH 600 LTH 600


Lechler droplet separator for vertical gas flow Type LTV 271

The LTV 271 is a proven, widely used separator system made of plastic. The characteristic guidance channels integrated in the separation profile together with the chamber geometry assure the proper drainage of the separated liquid.


LTV 217
LTV 271
LTV 271


Lechler droplet separator for vertical gas flow Type LTV 300

The LTV 300 features a high separation efficiency – even for extremely fine droplets – and a very high hydraulic loadability factor.
The special profile geometry is composed of "drain-off channels" which remove the separated fluids out of the flow field when the channels are installed at an angle of 15° to 60°.
The LTV 300, made of plastic or stainless steel, is used in waste gas treatment, evaporation plants, process gas cleaning, etc., for separating extremely fine droplets efficiently from vertical gas flows.


LTV 300

LTV 300

LTV 300

Lechler droplet separator for vertical gas flow Type LTV 400

The LTV 400 is a universally applicable separator system made of plastic or stainless steel.
Many years of separator technology experience have gone into development of the LTV 400.
Intensive development and optimisation work on the profile contours have provided the LTV 400 with high separation parameters, even without additional drain-offs for the separated fluids.
The resulting smooth profile surface has a very low fouling tendency and is very easy to clean.

The LTV 400 is extremely flexible in its possible applications due to its variable package length and the different distances between the separation profiles.

LTV 400
LTV 400
LTV 400

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