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Lechler ViscoMist® Series 176

The ViscoMist® Spray Gun series offers independent regulation of both atomising air and fan air, which provides the user with infinite control over the viscous fluid's spray pattern and droplet size.

The ViscoMist® Spray Gun features a standard "Liquid Shut-Off/Clean-Out Needle" function. This design element activates and deactivates the liquid supply, while simultaneously removing excess fluid from the Fluid Nozzle preventing clogging. This feature is especially vital when the viscous liquids are being applied in continuous process environments. 

The modular design of the ViscoMist® Spray Gun allows maximum flexibility to meet the exact spray requirements. Interchangeable air caps and various flow capacities are available to suit any spraying application needs. 

Increased hygienic requirements led to an improved smooth external nozzle design. This new design decreases the cleaning time for the body of the nozzle. 

One Nozzle- three spray characteristics:

  • Solid stream - Full cone - Flat fan
  • Independent regulation of liquid, atomising air and fan air
  • Fluid circulation possible (Nozzle body with 5 connections)

Atomising Air / Fan Air / Signal Air
The atomising air causes the liquid to atomise at the nozzle orifice. The spray character can be adjusted with the fan air to suit the application. The signal air activates the nozzle.