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Refurbishment & Spares

Refurbishment & Spares

Selectospray® System Maintenance and Spares:


The Selectospray® system is critical for the asymmetric cooling of the work rolls for the flatness system.


Regardless of being a pneumatic, electric or electro-pneumatic system, the Selectospray® system should be checked for correct operation every 3 months.


  • Understanding the system is vital
  • Check the headers, cabinet(s) and hoses
  • Worn or blocked nozzles affect the spot cooling
  • Worn or blocked valves do not operate efficiently
  • Dirty valves from contamination (coolant or other) do not operate correctly
  • Damaged seals and O rings cause problems
  • Damaged hoses can result in valves not opening
  • Damaged hose seals can cause system failure
  • Blown fuses in the cabinet will result in valves not opening
  • Blocked air filter in the cabinet will cause the system to fail
  • Damaged headers can affect the spray footprint
  • Damaged brackets can affect the spray footprint


All header, hose and cabinet parts can be changed as required, or they can be completely replaced as necessary.


All spare parts are available from Lechler. Please contact your Lechler representative.


Selectospray® System Refurbishment:


After an extended period of use, a full refurbishment of the Selectospray® system should be considered. This service is available, where the whole system will be refurbished in-house at Lechler to a high standard.


Typical Pneumatic Selectospray® system refurbishment:

Level 1:       Clean, replace all seals O rings, replace pistons (upgrade as necessary), new drain plugs.

Level 2:       As level 1 plus, new nozzles, valve bodies, lock nuts.

Level 3:       As level 2 plus, fully re-piped, replace fixed end seals, replace elbows and tees, replace studs, NDT welds

LechlerUK-Shop:/images_UK/02_Products/Selectospray/pneumatic header 345.jpg


Typical Electric Selectospray® system refurbishment:

Level 1:         Clean, replace all O rings, replace pistons, clean electrical valve, new drain plugs

Level 2:         As level 1 plus, new nozzles, lock nuts.

Level 3:        As level 2 plus, fully re-wired, replace fixed end seals, replace rear chamber gaskets, replace studs, NDT welds

LechlerUK-Shop:/images_UK/02_Products/Selectospray/electric header 345.jpg

Please contact your Lechler representative for further information and a quotation.