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Robust outer hose design

The mill environment develops a number of challenges for the protection of the control signal inner cores of any hose. Lechler provide a hose with an outer steel braid over an inner steel shell. The hose ends are made of stainless steel and offer protection against the highest impact loads that are normally directed to the interface critical area in the mill.

With an IP rating of IP67 the hoses have proven to be reliable, durable and efficient in operation.

Quick and easy commissioning

Some types of valve systems are designed with a fixed cabling or control hose going back to the control cabinet, this can lead to difficulties in the maintenance of the headers, in the mill. Lechler hoses are capable of being high pressure cleaned in situ, while also offer the plant staff an easy to uncouple pneumatic / electrical connections. Making the tasks of the maintenance staff easy and quick, getting the headers out of the mill in the most efficient manner.


Lechler Electrical hoses

The Lechler electrical hose does not look to “re-invent the wheel” it uses the expertise of HARTING connectivity with the sound mill experience Lechler have gained over years of working with our customers. The Harting connector is mounted into a purpose designed stainless steel hood that connects to the hose at the header end and uses the less robust conventional Harting hoods at the control panel end which are out of the mills dirty environment.

Enables the connection of any control panel with other apparatus that is placed in an environment that is challenging to electrical signals. They provide a robust conduit for the internal PTFE cables that ensure long term connectivity



  • Number of connections from 2 to 108
  • Type of cable PTFE 0.5 mm² or others as specified
  • IP67 hose end rating
  • Key locating fixtures, ensure the correct hose alignment.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel housing, other materials are available.

Pneumatic control hoses

Enables the connection of any control panel with other apparatus and will provide a reliable means of controls in difficult environments. With simple and easy to install fittings the connectors have keyed locations that make the task quick and a single person operation.

This allows for the panel and equipment to be transported separately, removal of components for maintenance accessible and reduces the need for specialist on site labour



  • Number of connecting tubes from 2 to 44
  • Number of tube sizes from 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm, specials produced
  • Reliable tube retaining force, clamping forces enable the removal of the individual tubes without affecting the performance of the others.
  • Gasket plates. Simple and reliable gasket plates utilising Viton grommets, fully retained.
  • Key locating fixtures, ensure the correct hose alignment
  • Heavy duty stainless steel housing, other materials are available
  • Tube types, clear, white or colours, Nylon is standard, other materials are available.

Lechler works closely with its customers to offer a solution to fit their requirements, if these solutions are not sutiiable to fit your needs give us a call.

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