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Lechler Ltd
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Sheffield, S9 2TP, England
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SELECTOSPRAY® Header Technology

SELECTOSPRAY® Header Technology

Lechler’s header design concept ensures quicker times to market and more competitive pricing.

Development of smaller valves that match the flow of traditional larger valve designs results in more compact headers, affording the optimising process a further iteration particularly in terms of header positioning and geometry

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  • All headers are designed and constructed in-house by Lechler, ensuring structural integrity and high strength impact resistance to catastrophic mill events (such as wrecking , spalls etc)
  • Robust headers constructed from heavy duty stainless steel, affording high strength and durability in the mill environment.
  • Compact header dimensions for mills with restricted geometry
  • Compact dimensions allow optimised header location in the mill, for improved cooling performance
  • Option to include an integral roll change rail into the header if required
  • Optimised coolant feed into the headers to reduce turbulence, giving uniform spray distribution across the header
  • Front removal of valves from headers for ease and speed of maintenance
  • Standardised or specialised header designs to suit every mill and customer requirement 

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